Day: January 10, 2019

Major Steps That Every Divorce Follows

Although marriage rates across the United States have dropped in recent years, marriage is still popular. Currently, the United States marriage rate stands at roughly seven people of every 1,000 Americans getting married each year, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The divorce rate is roughly half of its counterpart, currently holding true at 3.2 people getting divorces each year for every 1,000 Americans. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for several decades or several days, every divorce will include a number of major steps that lawyers help clients with each and every day. Without further ado, here are the most important steps that divorces follow here in the United States.

Filing Petitions

Courts of law that oversee divorces in the United States must be petitioned for divorce proceedings to begin. Once both parties in a married couple agree that they want to go through with divorce, just one of them petitions a court of law to seek out the divorce. Not all states require one side of married couples to be at fault for getting divorced, though some require them to name things like cheating or abandonment. Most divorces are filed as being caused by irreconcilable differences, a no-fault grounds.

Orders to Follow in the Interim

Also known as “temporary orders,” one or both parties may make requests to judges to be instituted during the divorce process. For example, a parent may as a judge to take full custody of their children until their divorce is finalized. Another common example of a temporary order is one party asking a judge to receive financial assistance from the other party throughout divorce proceedings to pay for bills.


In some divorces, both parties act amicably enough to agree on a fair distribution of assets. However, most divorces require negotiation. During negotiation, attorneys and parties getting divorced give and take seemingly endlessly to get what assets, children, and other belongings they believe they deserve.

Divorces are never something people like to go through. Unfortunately, humans rarely stay loyal to their partners indefinitely. Harsh feelings towards one another often result from divorces, usually resulting in tough legal battles. This is the most important reason as to why hiring a divorce lawyer hernando county fl can help you win in a divorce proceeding.… Read More

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